SUMUD Collection: 100% of profits go to Gaza


Translates to resilience or steadfastness in English. This is an ever-evolving collection whose focus is to raise money for communities that stand firm in the face of oppression, injustice, and violence. The first two mats highlight the strength of Palestine.

100% of the profits of this collection will be donated to a mutual aid initiative in Gaza. It uses funds to purchase ingredients on the ground to provide meals for both North and South Gaza.


Our first collection focuses on how our daily actions all start with an intention. These four mats are a series that represent how one achieves a pure state of mind:

Salaa — Dhikr — Sabr — Tahara


Jama'a literally means gathering or community. Even if we can't safely pray as a larger ummah in the same shared space, this collection allows for households to feel that sense of community by praying together, safely in their own spaces. These 3 mats we hope can bring you Nur (light), Hidaya (guidance), and Sakina (tranquility) during challenging times.

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